Das Netzwerk p r o f i l.m e t a l l wird vom Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Europaangelegenheiten des Landes Brandenburg im Rahmen der Gemeinschaftsaufgabe 'Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur' (GRW) aus Mitteln des Bundes und des Landes Brandenburg gefördert.





Strategy and main goals of the network


The purpose of profil.metall is to achieve greater prominence for the metals sector through increased cross-regional cooperation between existing and active regional networks and companies.

profil.metall strengthens the capabilities and ensures the sustainability of the networked companies due to:

  • Lobbying for the sector
    Presentations at trade shows (including the Leipzig supplier trade show, the Hanover trade show and the Poznan trade show), conferences and events (“Synergies with Steel” conference, the Company Contact Exchange, INKONTAKT, the “Cutting and Bonding of Metals” Congress, the Automotive Suppliers event, the Energy Specialist Conference) based on a marketing concept. 
  • Development of new products and processes in cross-regional cooperation: Joint projects between the networked companies and profil.metall are initiated and supported. We focus on the use of new materials and processing technologies with an integrated innovation approach regarding the whole value creation chain. For example in the areas of textured steel sheeting, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), luggage logistics, plant and container construction, solar technology).
  • Market development through targeted contact with other sectors and regional representations: In Berlin-Brandenburg, there is a great deal of unrealised potential for creativity, innovation and growth that remains to be unlocked through the locating and usage of synergies with other fields in the sector. profil.metall organises specific exchanges between the steel and metals industry and other industries, particularly automotive, aviation, plastics, logistics, geoinformations and the electro-technical/mechatronic industries. To achieve this, a "strategic alliance" has been forged with the special interest groups for these sectors.
  • Cooperation with universities.
    The network includes the Cottbus Technical University of Brandenburg with its Panta Rhei Research Centre for lightweight construction materials, the Technical University of Berlin with its Fraunhofer IPK for Production Systems and Design Technology, the Wildau Technical University of Applied Science, the Lausitz University of Applied Science, the Eberswalde University of Applied Science, the FH Brandenburg University of Applied Science and other teaching universities for applied sciences.

The Casa Eisenhüttenstadt - a regional branch of the Panta Rhei Research Centre - specifically serves to encourage young talent and ensure provision of sufficient specialists.

The systematic cooperation of companies with professors and students is the main goal of the work of the Branchentransferstelle Stahl Metall Elektro (cross-sector transfer association). It is supported by the profil.metall and ME-Netzwerk networks as well as by the vme (Metal and Electrical Association) and IGM (Industrial Union of Metalworkers) social partners. It is query-oriented, meaning that, depending on the innovation process in a company or joint company projects, the degree of support is determined and a knowledge-based transfer of the science of the technology for an adequate period is organised.

  • Specialists’ initiatives
    These centre on regional professional and work-oriented initiatives. In addition, as well as providing work experience placements in companies for school pupils and students, profil.metall prepares and supports technical courses for both trainee and already-qualified specialists. These are offered as day release courses and other forms of subsequent further education (including degree courses) at Prenzlau and also at the Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences.
  • Creativity – innovation by participation
    Creativity is brought into being by broadly including regional players and existing workers’ council networks (Eisenhüttenstadt, Uckermark) and workers’ council initiatives (South Brandenburg, Barnim).

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